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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best places on earth to live and visit due to the excellent quality of life. This country boasts a fantastic climate, lush natural beauty, and limitless activities to keep busy.

Not only does Costa Rica possess Central America’s finest and most advanced telecommunications infrastructure, but housing is affordable and residents benefit from an inexpensive medical system; (thousands of Americans come to Costa Rica each year for treatment, surgery, and recovery as costs are oftentimes less than have of comparable procedures in the USA).

In short, this beautiful country has the warmth and flavor of Mexico, without the anti-Americanism; the physical beauty of Guatemala, without a large military presence; the sophistication of Brazil, without the abject poverty or violent crime; and more winter sunshine than Florida or Hawaii, and, presently fewer people sharing it.

The future is clear. As we continue to move towards a more global community, Costa Rica stands out as one of the last unspoiled, pristine locations in the world. At the world summit on sustainable development held this year in South Africa, Costa Rica is being presented to the world as an example on how to encourage healthy growth and economic prosperity while embracing and protecting all the natural beauty which has made this such a popular and unique destination.

The investment atmosphere in Costa Rica is a model for other developing countries to envy. According to a survey in the Robb Report of potential foreign investment/retirement areas, Costa Rica surpasses all countries, including Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Australia, and Greece. It is not surprising that there are more Americans, Canadians, and Europeans living in Costa Rica than any other country in Latin America. GeographyAndClimate

Geography and Climate

Costa Rica is located in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Nicaragua borders Costa Rica to the north and Panama borders to the south. The country has a total land area comparable to the size of West Virginia: approximately 51,000 sq. km with 1,290 sq. km of coastline.

While accounting for less than 0.5% of the world’s landmass, Costa Rica boasts more than 5% of the world’s animal species including more birds and butterflies than the entire United States.

Daily temperatures linger around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, making it a veritable paradise for those who cherish a tropical environment. The climate is tropical with the dry season lasting from December to May and the wet season from June to November.

Costa Ricans or Tico’s; as they call themselves, are becoming more aware of what foreign travelers seek, and they realize that the lush beauty of the jungles are very attractive during the wet season, leading them to adapt the term green season.

Retirement groups and travel magazines alike have ranked Costa Rica as one of the very best places to live in the world. Many regard Costa Rica as the Hawaii of 20 years ago, a land still untouched and pristine. Consequently the beauty of this enchanting land draws people here from across the globe to participate in its exciting recreational diversions, including sport fishing, white water rafting, reef snorkeling and diving, zip lining, ATV and cable car tours, and horseback riding.

San Jose, the capital city, sits fairly close to the center of the country and incorporates more than a dozen communities into its wonderfully moderate valley climate. Mountain ranges line most of the Pacific border, and the center of the country has a mountain range that is dotted with volcanoes (most inactive). Rivers, streams, and waterfalls abound. In fact, 80% of the country’s energy is derived from hydropower.

Economy & Investment

Costa Rica’s stable and progressive economy depends especially on tourism, technology, and the export of bananas, coffee and other agricultural products. The World Bank has given Costa Rica an excellent bill of overall political and economic health.

Costa Rica’s political and economical stability has fostered one of the most reliable business climates in America. Fiscal incentives are offered as well as a highly skilled labor force (95% of the population is literate), making high-quality operations available at competitive operational costs. This environment fosters long term planning for multinational corporations that seek to establish or expand operations in a country that has consistently been rated as having one of the lowest risk ratings for investment.

The fusion of the successful fields of technology and tourism create an atmosphere in which both driving fields in the Costa Rican economy feed off the other. The increased visibility, accessibility, and international reputation resulting from the booming tourist industry, help foster the atmosphere, which has traditionally attracted international corporate investments.

Meanwhile, the accessibility of cutting edge technology and the monetary infusion which these multinational companies are bringing to Costa Rica, allows for an advanced telecommunication and transportation infrastructure providing tourists with all of the luxuries of their homes while enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty of this amazing country.

Central Pacific Region

The services of the city, the vibrancy of the countryside, and the excitement of the beach… The Central Pacific is the most popular region in Costa Rica for those who want to experience the purest in tropical adventure and living.

The area is home to the country’s most developed and accessible beaches, including the country’s most popular national park, Manuel Antonio.

Nearly one million tourists visit the park annually along with the spectacular Carara Biological Reserve, a world-renowned nesting ground for scarlet macaws. Each of these premier ecological tourist attractions boasts a specific landscape and wildlife unique to its location.

Biologists from around the globe visit regularly to study the concentrated number of unique plant and animal species that live in the area.

As a guest in this beautiful country you will have the opportunity to see and do more than you ever imagined. We hope you fall in love as we did and come back again and again.

Pura Vida!

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